Two Story Playhouse

Playhouse with solar

I just finished this project recently. As I have more time I will go back and document the major steps and hurdles that were overcome. Fore now here is a picture of the near finished project. I still need to do some landscaping, frontsteps, add the tornado slide, and the swingset.

Two Story Playhouse Project with solar
Two story playhouse project with 12VDC solar system

I recently added the swing set. The extension used all ready made brackets. The legs are 10′ treated 4x4s and the main beam is a 12′ 4×6. I spaced the swing hangers 20″ apart evenly so I can move swings around as needed.

Swing-Set Addition

Swing Set Materials

Currently the tornado slides are all sold out but it was roughed in to accept the 7′ Turbo Slide when the are back in stock again.

Turbo Slide Playhouse
Roughed in to accept a 7′ Turbo Slide

Materials List:

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