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Xbox Series X out of stock? Build your own Xbox Series X!

Buying the latest Xbox Series X or PS5 console has become impossible. Nasty scalper groups use bots to buy up the inventory online in fractions of a second and then resell on ebay for double the retail before the average consumer can add the console to their online shopping cart. At first, I was frustrated. … Continue reading “Xbox Series X out of stock? Build your own Xbox Series X!”

Indirect Laser Filament Monitor

The Duet3D laser filament monitor detects filament movement by reflecting a laser off of the filament and reading it with a precision sensor. The filament sensor detects movement of the filament and compares it with the commanded movements by the printer. If the movement detected falls outside of a user defined minimum and maximum range … Continue reading “Indirect Laser Filament Monitor”

Home Media Server

Many different configurations exist when it comes to home media server systems. Understanding the core components will help you to understand what kind of system best suits your needs best, especially if you are considering building your own home media server system versus buying a off the shelf Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. Media Server … Continue reading “Home Media Server”

Duet 2 – Soft Power Control

Duet 2 Soft Power Control

When running your 3D printer it is never advisable to let it run unattended. That being said, if you want the ability to set the Ender 5 to automatically power down completely using the stock power supply some modification is necessary. Soft ATX Style Power Control When it comes to power control modifications for the … Continue reading “Duet 2 – Soft Power Control”

Ender 5 – Hemera Upgrade

Ender 5 with Hemera

Aside from the Duet, one of the biggest improvements that I made to my Ender 5 is the 24VDC version of the direct drive Hemera hot end, drive motor, and extruder combination by E3D. This hot end is a dual-drive system with a hardened stainless steel drive train. An optimized heatsink ensures airflow is diverted up … Continue reading “Ender 5 – Hemera Upgrade”