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Indirect Laser Filament Monitor

The Duet3D laser filament monitor detects filament movement by reflecting a laser off of the filament and reading it with a precision sensor. The filament sensor detects movement of the filament and compares it with the commanded movements by the printer. If the movement detected falls outside of a user defined minimum and maximum range … Continue reading “Indirect Laser Filament Monitor”

Ender 5 – Flexible Build Plate

The stock magnetic flexible build plate on the Ender 5 works OK but the print surface was giving me trouble with respect to adhesion. The prints would fail because they would dislodge in the middle of printing and create a mess. Adding ABL was the first step to remedy this issue for proper build plate … Continue reading “Ender 5 – Flexible Build Plate”

First 3D Printer

Ender 5 Pro

Last Christmas I was looking to buy my first 3D printer. I planned to use the printer just to tinker with at home. Over the next few blog posts you can read about which printer I selected, why, and how I ultimately modified it to add some higher end features. Prusa Printers The most successful … Continue reading “First 3D Printer”